Disk space usage command line

Quite often, after a computer or laptop has been used for a while, we may need to know what is taking up all of the hard drive space.

An open source command-line utility called ‘du’ allows us to check file and directory sizes.

Here is a little snippet to check the size of the items in the present wording directory (also known as `pwd` ).

du -hs ./*|grep ^\.*[0-9]\.[0-9]*G\.*$|sort -n

You should now have a list of files and folders that are 1 Gigabyte or greater in size.


Worldwide Recovery Systems

Worldwide Recovery Systems

LCRM is proud to present the recently refurbished WWRS website.

Working closely with the team at WWRS has helped produce a satisfying end result.

Worldwide Recovery Systems build and supply many different types of vehicles including:

Service Vans
Multi-car carriers
Accident Units

The newly refurbished website provides a streamlined view of their vehicles.

WWRS also supply accessories such safetywear, lifting gear, lighting and more.

Take a look at http://www.worldwiderecovery.co.uk.