Open Groupware

I am dedicating this page to the monitoring of the open source webmail/email/groupware applications available.
Being a big fan of both the Open Source and of all-in-one organisers, I have a personal interest in the development and availability of numerous applications.
I have more than five servers under my belt and have current experience with Linux, Mac OS X and Windows systems.
Various distributions of Linux include Debian, SuSE and CentOS.Initially I will cover the installation of Zimbra, as this is my groupware application of choice.
The reason I chose Zimbra was ease of installation, community support (very important) and level of features.

I like Zimbra more than ever and it is now, over a years after initial instal, that it holds the title of most affordable, robust, secure and easy to manage email server available on the market. (as far as i am concerned).I recently posted a couple of scripts for Linux administrators to use if they ever have to migrate from an existing IMAP server with loads of users and accounts – to a Zimbra Collaboration setup.The link to the blog entries on the Zimbra forum is here.


Updated **

Version 5.0 released for the new year shows the acquisition  of Zimbra by Yahoo has proved a success, with testing on the Network Edition in place 2008 brings many new and interesting features to its users.