Exchange 2003 virtual domains

If you have Exchange setup and want to accept email to more than one domain, you can achieve this by doing the following:

Open system manager.
Drill down to recipient policies.
Right click on the default policy choosing properties.
Amend as necessary.

Should do the job.


Exchange 2003 message size limit

To change the default size of allowed emails on Microsoft Exchange 2003.

Open System Manager, go to Global Config area, expand and right click on Message Sending.

Choose the defaults tab where you will be able to adjust both incoming and outgoing size limits.

Setting up two printers on a single machines

If you have only one parallel port and need to connect two printers check to see if one has an ethernet port with an RJ45 connector, if so here is what you do:

Connect up your parallel port printer as needed and install as neccesary with drivers and such.

Find yourself a cross-over cable and and extra ethernet card, and manually connect up the second printer to the new network card.

Manually configure the second ‘Local Area Network Connection’.

Most probably the following setting will work on a Windows~ machine.




DNS: <leave empty>

Follow the instructions to setup your ethernet card connected printer with the following configuration:




Now add the new printer by Control Panel > Printers and Faxes, choose Local Printer but do not click the attached directly button.

Click next and then create your own port at the bottom by chooing TCP/IP.

Click next and just type in the IP Address box.

Click next and you should instanty be shown the new printer successful install page – click Finish to Finish.

Thats the best way, you can then share those printers on your locally connected network. The serial pors for printers are useless and parallel port switch boxes are just very inconvenient on a network with more than one PC or laptop.