HSPA University Project


Just finishing my BSc in I.T. and have chosen to write my 8000 word project report on HSPA technology.

Wikipedia has a great section on the past/present and future surrounding technologies such as W-CDMA.

Here is a brief list of the pages I found useful on Wikipedia.


A great book by a couple of Nokia employees also adds some real technical material to the mix:

#15 Tolma Harri; Toskala Antii; (2006) HSDPA/HSUPA for UMTS – High Speed Radio Access for Mobile Communications, John Wiley & Sons Ltd, Wiltshire. [Available from Waterstones – priced ~£65.00 ISBN 0-470-01884-4]

I will be writing some more soon.

Barnfield College

I recently attended a day school at Barnfield College, in Luton. I have for a long time wanted to train to be an MCP for unknown reasons.

Barnfield on the surface may not look like much – but after spending one day there ,on my Cisco Day School, I found out that it is a wealth of resources.

The tutor there, Bill Reed, was qualified to the 9’s with Microsoft and Cisco credits. He runs private classes and also works for both Barnfield and The Open University.

I will definitely be taken a course there after I finish my Honours degree. The prices he quoted me were very affordable, around £200-£250 for MCP and Cisco courses.

At present I can say that it would be worth the money and you will be taught by not only a good tutor but by someone who is passionate about his trade.

The link above is to the college but more on Cisco Academy courses are provided through the Open University.

Well-worth a look


In addition to the Packet Tracer simulation software, they have a netlabs environment set-up so you can login and practice your CCNA commands.

Either that or, like me, spend a few weeks (before the start of your course) searching ebay for Cisco equipment.

For those starting CCNA – I would recommend the 2514 routers (n.b. the model is the exact model), which provides ethernet connections through the old AUI connectors. Again, just search ebay for AUI to RJ45 Transceivers. The routers vary but I would.nt recommend paying more then £50 each. The transceivers are available from www.anthonypanda.com.

In addition, the Catalyst switches are a great buy, the 1924 provides 10MB connections – but don’t forget that network traffic will run faster if using a switch as opposed to a hub – therefore effectively making the network feel as if it is running well. The 2924 switches provide 100MB connections but are in great demand. This means that its pretty much up to the seller to charge what they want. However, around £50 should get one of the two, the latter if you are lucky.

Also, keep on the look-out for the CCNA books, the course material is online from Cisco Net-Academy so if you are away from an Internet connection – the books will be worth the money. Don’t forget that if you have the books you can still read-up on stuff after the course finishes.

All the best, that’s it for now.

The Open University

I have been with the O.U. now for almost 6 years. Through this time i have studied a whole load of technology and computing courses. Along the way I have so far gained, a Certificate in Information Technology, a Certificate in Web Applications, a Diploma in I.T. and a Bachelors Degree.

My views on the courses are varied but overall the O.U. has a very high standard and the people are very, very helpful and friendly.

I started out with T171 then moved onto TU170 then TX174 and passed all of MT262, T223, TT280, TT281, TT282, TT380, TT381, TT382, M150, T187, T209, T305 to reach my latest course T228 Cisco Academy!!

Fingers crossed this will be a good course, I know a brilliant past tutor is the course manager and have faith that it will be one of the best courses yet.

Will keep you posted.


Hello and welcome to my newly created blog. This entry will be a short introduction as I am busy setting my site to conform with web accessibility and validation standards. I am also working on SSL; remote client assistance through LogMeIn services and DynDNS clients; VPN tunneling; Cisco IOS commands and as many more as I can keep my eyes open for..

I run http://lcrm.co.uk and host many other websites which I will be discussing in more depth as the months go on. I like to design websites and love working with PHP and MySQL. I keep meaning to learn AJAX as I know it will impress visitors to my websites – but just haven’t found the time as yet.

I am very excited at the moment as I have just embarked on a new university course – as a student of the Cisco Academy. The university I am with is the Open University and the course is T228 which basically covers the Cisco CCNA curiculum.

Well this is all for now will be back to post an update as soon as I get a minute.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from you