WordPress Permissions

Recursively reset the folders and file permissions on a wordpress install

chown www-data:www-data -R * # Let Apache be owner
find . -type d -exec chmod 755 {} \; # Change directory permissions rwxr-xr-x
find . -type f -exec chmod 644 {} \; # Change file permissions rw-r--r--

Simple GIT Example

To initialise a git repository and push local files to a remote repository.

Basic commands to configure your remote URL; add your local files; commit with comment and then push files.

git init
git remote add origin <url>
git add .
git commit -m “Comment”
git push -u origin master

To initialise a git repository and pull down existing repository files.

git clone <url> .

SSH No Password

Simple cheat sheet for connecting via ssh with no password.

#ssh-keygen -t rsa

#cat .ssh/id_rsa.pub | ssh user@server 'cat >> .ssh/authorized_keys'


Disk space usage command line

Quite often, after a computer or laptop has been used for a while, we may need to know what is taking up all of the hard drive space.

An open source command-line utility called ‘du’ allows us to check file and directory sizes.

Here is a little snippet to check the size of the items in the present wording directory (also known as `pwd` ).

du -hs ./*|grep ^\.*[0-9]\.[0-9]*G\.*$|sort -n

You should now have a list of files and folders that are 1 Gigabyte or greater in size.

Worldwide Recovery Systems

Worldwide Recovery Systems

LCRM is proud to present the recently refurbished WWRS website.

Working closely with the team at WWRS has helped produce a satisfying end result.

Worldwide Recovery Systems build and supply many different types of vehicles including:

Service Vans
Multi-car carriers
Accident Units

The newly refurbished website provides a streamlined view of their vehicles.

WWRS also supply accessories such safetywear, lifting gear, lighting and more.

Take a look at http://www.worldwiderecovery.co.uk.

Imapsync migration from Zimbra to Kerio

If you are setting up a new Kerio mail server and want to use imapsync to port across your emails, this following command helps to re-locate your email folders from the existing server into a nice way on your tidy new Kerio server.

imapsync –syncinternaldates –subscribe –ssl1 –ssl2 –authuser1 admin –user1 user1 –passfile1 /home/user1/.passwordfile –user2 olduser1 –passfile2 /home/user1/.oldpasswordfile –sep2 / –prefix2 “INBOX/” –nofastio1 –nofastio2

That should nicely transfer all existing emails into their respective folders underneath your new Kerio Inbox folder.

replace admin; user1; user2; /home/user1/{.passwordfile, .oldpasswordfile} with your details.



DogsBoutique Best Pup Competition

http://dogsboutique.co.uk are running a monthly competition to find the most pampered pooch.

The winner will win £25 to spend in-store or on-line.

All you need to do is to email us a picture of your groomed model perfect pooch with his name and a contact email address- that’s it!

The competition is running through January only at present but, if it proves popular – it will be back!

email: info@dogsboutique.co.uk with subject “DogsBoutique pooch of the month competition” and attach your image maximum 5MB in size.


Dogs Boutique

203 Baker Street





E-mail us at info@dogsboutique.co.uk,

or give us a call on 020 8363 3299.

Free Anti-virus/anti-spyware


Sooner or later your free trial of the Google Pack Norton Anti-viurs 2005 will be running out.

In anticipation of this, I can recommend you switch to an Open Source solution.

The application is call AVG-Free edition, which provides a real-time scanning utility with updates for Windows and Linux users.

In addition to this AVG-Free provide an anit-spyware application. This provides free updates, the free version provides real-time scanning for 30days and then defaults to free updates and manual scans there after.

more will follow….



After many years of thinking that PHPBB2 was the only high quality forum. A need to research other options has come to light due to the ever present spammers allowed to roam free on our lovely Internet.

So during my research I decided to Google “forum matrix”. Low and behold someone has covered this topic down to the last tee.

The place to go if you want to set-up a forum/bulletin board for your website is http://www.forummatrix.org.

I am in no way saying that phpBB is not good, in fact it did me proud for a long-time and version 3 is due for release very soon. (after previewing the beta it looks as though it is maturing well).

The latest offer I have started to test is SMF (Simple Machines Forum) – and without doubt blows the socks off of any rivals. Coming soon to lcrm.co.uk.

SMF has a brilliant flash integration chat room, anti-spam plug-in, and all this works seamlessly. Its not only the most well presented, easy-to-use and administer, well documented and fun to setup – but it costs……… nothing at all !! You can’t beat that.

But if you want to compare just about every forum then go to the link above to view the forum matrix.

All the best

Cisco Security Basics


Here are the basics for setting up a Cisco router:

Thanks to Neuromancer & Data Plumber for pointing out the initial commands and helping me with this blog. So, to prepare for entering configuration commands. The initial commands to enter into the system:

Router#configure terminal

You are now ready to start entering commands to configure the system. The following are probably the most common and those neccessary to configure a working router.
Enable password-encryption (to ensure passwords are stored in a way that is unreadable to any chancer):

Router(config)#service password-encryption

Enable secret – higher encrypted authorisation.

Router(config)#enable secret password

Enable login using password authentication:

Router(config)#enable password password

Enable console password authentication:

Router(config)#line console 0
Router(config-line)#password password

Enable virtual terminal password authentication (for the five available logins):

Router(config)#line vty 0 4
Router(config-line)#password password

Set the hostname of your Router:

Router(config)#hostname Cisco1

Set the banner displayed when greeted by the router:

Cisco1(config)#banner motd # Authorised access only #

If, like me your router is too small to hold a newer ISO image. You can do one of two things – a) like I now have, buy memory upgrades (from ebay) or b) store your newly purchased IOS image on a tftp server and load it at boot time.

Cisco1(config)#boot system tftp 2500-io-l.122-5.bin

Breaking the last down, the first tells the router to read this boot line first, it then reads that we are booting a system file, the third part says that we are retrieving an image from a remote tftp server (this tftp server must be on a network connected to one of the configured interfaces) — this is not a configuration file, which is separate and stored in nvram, which is loaded into ram during the bootstrap,next is the IOS image, this will vary entirely on you, lastly is the address of the tftp server — there thats it, just saved £30 on a memory upgrade

So now you have your system quite nice and customised to your liking – you better save it!

Cisco1(config)#end //you can also hit CTRL-Z
Cisco#copy running-config startup-config

Hmm, I wonder which version of software I am running and how much memory I have.

Cisco1#show version
Cisco1#show flash

Configuring RIP routing protocol, so that a router can act as an intermediary between two networks. In this example we are traversing networks and

Cisco1#conf t
Cisco1(config)#router rip
Cisco1#copy run start


Keep your eyes on the Zimbra project at zimbra.com as they are soon due to release version 4.5 of the groupware application.

It provides administrators with a great deal ofr features within the web front administration section. The previous versions required you to input them all by hand, which is a real nightmare.

I can report that, during the Christmas period, spammers were hitting my clients hard with phishing scams. I am confident that Zimbra is holding up well and will see my through without many problems.

This alone is a distinct advantage over competitors such as Scalix – who seem to resent the idea of including anti-virus into there package. They provide scarce details on how it can be done and say that their application is fully compatible — well why not just do it and earn those valuable extra marks !!!

Back soon

Linux Compiz Effects

I have moved from being a dedicated Microsoft Windows user, into a fanatic Mac OS X addict.

My latest spare time sponge is Linux. In particular the SuSE Open Source desktop operating system. The main reason for this switch is the jaw-dropping effects available with my NVIDIA graphics card.

I tried installing Fedora Core 6 but compared to SuSE 10.1 it just did not have the kind of feel and all-round satisfaction that SuSE gives.

If you use SuSE and have a compatible graphics card, Christmas has come early. For an introduction on the effects, using the XGL features you can visit http://en.opensuse.org/Xgl. Check for your graphics card before trying to set this up

Another good read is at http://en.opensuse.org/Compiz.

The compiz homepage is at http://www.go-compiz.org/index.php?title=Main_Page.

Will post back some more after further testing.

Media Wiki Setup


Just setup a new wiki for my website. So easy — I used Media Wiki as commonly found on Wikipedia.


  1. Ensure you have Apache, PHP running.
  2. Download MediaWiki.
  3. Unzip and move the folder to a web directory.
  4. Change permissions on the config folder.
  5. Open browser goto http://website/wiki_folder.
  6. Fill in user and database details.
  7. Copy /config/Localsettings.phto the main wiki directory.
  8. Delete the config directory.
  9. Enjoy !


I recommend using a separate database for each instance of MediaWiki – this way if you need to uninstall it you can just mysql# drop wiki_database.
Install php-mmcache or similar to help speed wiki access up for users.

The first thing i did was to customise the logo – which has to be 135px by 135px.

Red5 Open Source Streaming Flash Server

I have had a busy weekend playing with the Open Source Flash Streaming Server, known as, Red5 !!

It really aims to fill a whole in the market, similar in essence, as Darwin Streaming Server has done for streaming video in the Open Source community.

I managed to follow the instructions- and spent many hours on the #osflash channel hosted on irc.freenode.net. (respect to daTR in particular for all his help and wisdom).

If you are attempting to set this up yourself and get errors in starting compiling or using this server then i recommend taking note in the setup instructions on the red5 website ine the following areas:

  • Get the correct JDK form Java ( JDK download page ) normally justuse the “JDK 5.0 Update 9”

If you have or use IRC dont just go in and ask every question you can think of as this will upset people !!

You may think, well how do you know that….. trust me ~:0)

Best of luck – i look forward to hearing about anyone elses experiences


Email Servers

Webmail/email/groupware servers

Since our server migration, which took place in early September and after much research, Zimbra has been the groupware solution of choice. Other groupware solutions such Kerio, Microsoft Exchange, Winmail, Scalix, eGroupware and PHPGroupware were all given a fair testing but failed on points such as ease of setup, reliability, features, costs and compatibility. These are my personal opinion, which I may not have expressed in the most politically correct way or in as much detail as you may like. So if i break mid sentance at points please either ask me or be patient whilst i construct as best a blog as possible please. Thank and hope this helps.


It offers a superb webmail interface in addition to mail filters, calendars, IMAP(s), POP(s), Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, . For most small – medium sized businesses with between 5 and 50 users Zimbra is an excellent solution. It has the added benefit of being shipped with ClamAV anti-virus and SpamAssassin anti-spam. The Open Source edition does not have an online backup solution, but this is just a simple case of copying the whole ‘zimbra’ folder to a backup folder. Zimbra presents webinars and has a good forum which is active and provides an excellent wiki. Updates are regular and the developers have a feature requests feature which I haven’t used yet — but its only early. I have seventeen users as well as a demo account which is available at http://webmail.lcrm.co.uk. Login using “demo@test.net” password “demo”.


Scalix, the alternative to Zimbra (comparing licence costs) is rather more complicated to setup as it requires thrid party integration. Provides a faster interface at face value, does not have the same feel as Zimbra. Administration was found to be complicated and rather limited. Support was good with regular ‘Live Tuesday’ webinars and a forum for the Open Source community. Requires a lot of time and attention with no sign of backups from my experience.

We used this for a long time, which was very costly. However, if you have the money and run a Windows, Mac or Linux platform – I would highly recommend this choice. Backup and security is paramount with a commonly featured webmail interface. I thought POP and IMAP access performance was slowed due to the dual anti-virus – but who knows! Installing is very easy and backups are a since with excellent full and incremental options. Anti-spam is provided along with mail filters. Last I experienced, Kerio were integrating ClamAV


In comparison to the licence costs and ease of setup and administration Zimbra wins hands down. Using a Linux platform Scalix may seem faster for the end-user when intereacting with the webmail interface. Using the Windows platform Kerio id the easiest and most reliable choice, in addition it allows for two anti-virus applications to scan mail — however, it costs!


Hello and welcome to my newly created blog. This entry will be a short introduction as I am busy setting my site to conform with web accessibility and validation standards. I am also working on SSL; remote client assistance through LogMeIn services and DynDNS clients; VPN tunneling; Cisco IOS commands and as many more as I can keep my eyes open for..

I run http://lcrm.co.uk and host many other websites which I will be discussing in more depth as the months go on. I like to design websites and love working with PHP and MySQL. I keep meaning to learn AJAX as I know it will impress visitors to my websites – but just haven’t found the time as yet.

I am very excited at the moment as I have just embarked on a new university course – as a student of the Cisco Academy. The university I am with is the Open University and the course is T228 which basically covers the Cisco CCNA curiculum.

Well this is all for now will be back to post an update as soon as I get a minute.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from you