Mac Desktop Blogging Software

Hi all,

After being pre-occupied for a while I decided to get back into writing on my blog.

I found it quite a hassle, however, as I am sure you also do – to have to keep opening a web browser, logging in, creating a new blog etc….

I thought it would be great to have a piece of software that I could write my blog article in, even when I am not able to login, although hardly ever nowadays.

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After many years of thinking that PHPBB2 was the only high quality forum. A need to research other options has come to light due to the ever present spammers allowed to roam free on our lovely Internet.

So during my research I decided to Google “forum matrix”. Low and behold someone has covered this topic down to the last tee.

The place to go if you want to set-up a forum/bulletin board for your website is

I am in no way saying that phpBB is not good, in fact it did me proud for a long-time and version 3 is due for release very soon. (after previewing the beta it looks as though it is maturing well).

The latest offer I have started to test is SMF (Simple Machines Forum) – and without doubt blows the socks off of any rivals. Coming soon to

SMF has a brilliant flash integration chat room, anti-spam plug-in, and all this works seamlessly. Its not only the most well presented, easy-to-use and administer, well documented and fun to setup – but it costs……… nothing at all !! You can’t beat that.

But if you want to compare just about every forum then go to the link above to view the forum matrix.

All the best


Hello and welcome to my newly created blog. This entry will be a short introduction as I am busy setting my site to conform with web accessibility and validation standards. I am also working on SSL; remote client assistance through LogMeIn services and DynDNS clients; VPN tunneling; Cisco IOS commands and as many more as I can keep my eyes open for..

I run and host many other websites which I will be discussing in more depth as the months go on. I like to design websites and love working with PHP and MySQL. I keep meaning to learn AJAX as I know it will impress visitors to my websites – but just haven’t found the time as yet.

I am very excited at the moment as I have just embarked on a new university course – as a student of the Cisco Academy. The university I am with is the Open University and the course is T228 which basically covers the Cisco CCNA curiculum.

Well this is all for now will be back to post an update as soon as I get a minute.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from you