About Us

LCRM History

Welcome to London Computer Repairs and Maintenance. LCRM began servicing in the the IT industry in 2000. Over the last two years operating out of our Enfield offices Middlesex proved a major success.
Moving forward, LCRM now based in Goffs Oak Hertfordshire, looks to continue this success in the future.

Service Portfolio

LCRM started providing website design servicesPC repairs and email hosting. Over the years LCRM continued to develop and follow a plan of expansion and education. Our services page itemises the current offered services, needless to say over the years a lot of ground has been covered.

Our offsite backup services are both competitive and extremely reliable when compared to many of the commercial options. A site visit and regular discussions with our clients ensures the right recommendation fits the bill each time – there is no one size fits all in our IT world.

LCRM email services range from personal unlimited integrated POP and IMAP (email only) type options through to commercial Exchange (contact, calendar and email) options. LCRM can help you setup your business to integrate the Google Application services.

LCRM currently offers repairs, upgrades and maintenance services for personal and small to medium sized businesses. LCRM provides local backup services, using simple USB drives, supplied and fitted secondary internal hard drives, backups to alternate computers through file sharing and offsite secure backup storage solutions.

Continual Professional Development (CPD)

Through the unrivaled facilities offered by The Open University’s distance learning, LCRM boasts numerous educational qualifications.
2009 saw LCRM successfullly attain postgraduate certification in digital computer forensics.

In 2010 LCRM moved into the commercial training sector, receiving premium training from a lead developer of X-Ways Forensic Software.

2012 improved upon previous X-Ways Forensic training, with certification from Jens Training, specialising in Apple Mac data analysis. In addition, 2012 also brought aboutInformation Security Management study at a PostGraduate level with The Open University.

LCRM Expansion

Demands for LCRM website hosting required a migration from a single server, housed in the London Docklands RedBus House, to a multiple distributed global service.
LCRM website solutions frequently expand to accomodate companies bespoke needs in both Europe and North America.
Such a diversity of clients and cultures places LCRM in great stead for meeting future client requirements.

LCRM Experience

Experience in the industry and development of new technologies keeps the LCRM technicians busy 24/7 and in constant supply of research material.
We subscribe to many newsletters with The British Computer Society (BCS) and belong to numerous specialist groups. Linux Format is one of our favourite magazine subscriptions.

LCRM Enthusiasm

A keen enthusiasm for ‘everything technical’ enhances our knowledge of the industry progression and therefore the advice we are able to impart to our clients.

The fast paced development of technology requires either foresight for the future of IT or a diverse ability to adapt. The benefit of LCRM’s vast arena of qualifications and experience allows for fast adaptation with accurate and efficient results in many situations.

Our reward for striving to provide the best service is knowing our clients are satisfied with our service.