Apple Airport Disk Utility

Hello all,

If like me you seem to be missing the Airport Disk Utility and have spent the last few hours searching through Apple’s website for a simple download then are in the right place and at the end of your journey.

Go to and look for the the most recent Airport Base Station update.

  1. Download it and mount it
  2. Right click and show package contents
  3. Copy Archive.pax.gz to your desktop
  4. Double click on the Archive.pax.gz file
  5. Go to Archive.pax > Applications > Utilities
  6. Copy Airport Disk Utility into /Applications/Utilities



4 thoughts on “Apple Airport Disk Utility

  1. @Andy Piper Maybe it wasn’t installed for you because you are running Leopard. I’m running Leopard and getting an error that the utility isn’t needed running Leopard.


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