Using BloGTK on Linux is easy to write and upload blog entries on WordPress.

Thanks to the article here it was easy to setup as well.

Using Ubuntu (you may need to add multiverse and universe repositories), simply run:

apt-get install blogtk

Now open Applications > Internet > BloGTK.

In the Account and Prefernces window, use the following info:

Server URL:
Username: Username
Password: Password
Bloggin System: MetaWeblog API

Now click SAVE and then OK.

In the main BloGTK window, select File Connect to get a list of your blogs.

Type away till your heart is content and then publish.

Custom Tags

To make full use of the tags available on, such as , open Edit > Custom Tags …

Tag Name: Code Tags
Start Tag:
End Tag:


When back in the main window you can simply insert the code tags by selecting your code tag and clickling the big green tick arrow.

Have fun


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