Nokia N95 + Mac PowerBook

So you just got your new Nokia N95 and not even the techies at the ISP know how to use it.

What do you do?

Hit the Google Hut!!

So in my case i needed to get the modem script for my Macintosh laptop. I found this a great resource

You must basically complete the following steps, with a little tweaking along the way to get things right for you.

1 – download and install the modem scripts into /Library/Modem Scripts/
2 – pair the phone and laptop
3 – configure the new phone bluetooth device through System Preferences/Bluetooth/Devices/Configure
4 – these settings worked for me on t-mobile (more accurate instructions at the link above), GPRS ->> user == user, password == pass, GPRS CID String ==, Modem Script == Nokia 3G CID1

if you need further instructions check out that link, also attached a document from a helpful chap at T-Mobile

Apple Mac Bluetooth Modem Guide for Nokia

Just got my new phone hooked up to my laptop.

Check out my first speedtest results on my mobile in my pocket, whilst sitting on a bench inconspicuously surfing at 100 miles an hour !!!!


And check out another….

Nokia N95 + Mac PowerBook take 2


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