Unlocking Nokia 6630 (from Vodafone)

Hello all,

This is for those of us with the excellent Nokia 6630 mobile phone, who want to change Networks to find a better offer – but keep the benefits of the great Symbian handset.

If like me you sign up for an amazing deal with Virgin or T-Mobile and try to insert your new card into your existing 6630 handset – you are no doubt greeted with a “Sim Restricted” message.

No doubt, and like me, most users with a 3G Nokia 6630 will be on the Vodafone network. You may have also scoured the many unlocking website, only to be told that “these phones cannot be unlocked”……

It is in my personal opinion, and first hand experience, that the people who tell you this do not actually own a Nokia 6630 of their own!!

I can 100% guarantee that it is possible to unlock these DCT5 phones for use with any network.

I lay out the instructions for you, and advise that the overall process took me just less than a week and cost me £0.00p yes – it is free!!!:

  1. Make a note of you IMEI number (press *#06#).
  2. From your mobile handset call 191.
  3. Inform the operator that you have had your phone for approximately 18 months (very important as phones under a year old incur an unlocking fee).
  4. Place a request for unlocking the phone with the operator.
  5. Wait a few days (or call each day) and check the unlock status for your phone.
  6. Make a note of the unlock code (when available) – it will be something like #pw+xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx+x#
    1. + is found by pressing * twice.
    2. p is found by pressing * three times.
    3. w is found by pressing * four times.
  7. Make a note of your PIN number.
  8. Enter the unlock code (#pw+xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx+1x#) where x represents a number.
  9. Your phone should now say Restriction Off or something similar.
  10. That’s it!! You can freely use your new sim card.

I am now very happily using my free minutes with a great deal from Virgin/T-Mobile and Telewest.

All the best


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