The Open University

I have been with the O.U. now for almost 6 years. Through this time i have studied a whole load of technology and computing courses. Along the way I have so far gained, a Certificate in Information Technology, a Certificate in Web Applications, a Diploma in I.T. and a Bachelors Degree.

My views on the courses are varied but overall the O.U. has a very high standard and the people are very, very helpful and friendly.

I started out with T171 then moved onto TU170 then TX174 and passed all of MT262, T223, TT280, TT281, TT282, TT380, TT381, TT382, M150, T187, T209, T305 to reach my latest course T228 Cisco Academy!!

Fingers crossed this will be a good course, I know a brilliant past tutor is the course manager and have faith that it will be one of the best courses yet.

Will keep you posted.


One thought on “The Open University

  1. I just got the calendar for the day schools on T228 – it has 4 day schools, one for each block.

    T228 is a CISCO networking course, which apparently has a lot of material about networking CISCO routers.

    So I found the make and model that is used and went on ebay – get a nice CISCO 2500 series 2514 for £35.



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